AntiquesAntiques are collectible items and art with historical or artistic value due to their age, rarity, uniqueness, or cultural significance. The term "antiques" is usually applied to items that were created more than a hundred years ago, but this is not a strict rule.

In the world of antiques, you can find a variety of items such as furniture, ceramics, paintings, books, coins, jewelry, figurines, and much more. People interested in antiques may collect these items, buy and sell them at auctions or antique stores, and also study the art and history associated with these objects.

The appraisal of antique items is often done by professional experts to determine their market value. Rare and well-preserved antique items can have high value for collectors and investors.

Interest in antiques can be related not only to financial gain but also to the exploration and preservation of history and culture. Many antique items can tell fascinating stories about the past and help us understand what the world was like in different historical eras.

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