Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels Sandwich panels are construction elements formed from three layers of materials: two external coverings and an internal filler, typically consisting of insulating material. These panels are composite materials commonly used in construction to create walls, roofs, partitions, and building facades. A sandwich panel consists of three layers. Two outer layers of the sandwich panel are made from rigid materials. These can be steel, aluminum, gypsum board, OSB panels, cellular polycarbonate, or other synthetic materials. The inner layer of the sandwich panel serves as insulation. It can be made from mineral wool, fiberglass, expanded polystyrene, and so on. The structure of sandwich panels allows them to possess good thermal insulation, sound insulation, and strength with relatively low weight. Sandwich panels are widely used in the construction of industrial, commercial, and residential buildings due to their lightness, strength, effectiveness in thermal and sound insulation, as well as ease of installation.

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