Carpet Restoration

Carpet Restoration is the art and process of restoring old or damaged carpets with the aim of returning them to their former beauty, value, and functionality. This service requires high levels of skill and expertise in the field of textile art and may involve the following stages:

  1. Assessment of Condition: The first step in carpet restoration is assessing the condition of the carpet. Restorers determine the degree of wear, damage, and overall condition of the carpet.

  2. Cleaning: Carpets may undergo thorough cleaning to remove dust, dirt, and accumulated contaminants that can build up over time.

  3. Damage Repair: Damaged areas of the carpet, such as holes, wear spots, tears, or frayed fringes, can be repaired. This includes replacing or restoring fibers and threads.

  4. Fringe Replacement: If the fringe of the carpet is damaged or missing, restorers can perform replacement work to restore its original appearance.

  5. Color Restoration: Carpets that have lost their color vibrancy over time can undergo color restoration to revive faded patterns and hues.

  6. Foundation Strengthening: In some cases, the foundation of the carpet may be reinforced to ensure its durability.

  7. Final Finishing: After restoration, carpets undergo final finishing and cleaning to restore their original shine and softness.

Carpet restoration is an art that allows for the preservation of valuable historical and artistic pieces while extending their service life. It requires meticulous work and attention to detail to achieve optimal results and return carpets to their former beauty and value.

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