Carpentry works

Carpentry work involves various tasks related to the crafting, repairing, and installation of wooden structures and products. Carpentry services can encompass a wide range of tasks and projects, including the following:

  1. Furniture Manufacturing: Carpenters create custom wooden furniture, including tables, chairs, cabinets, dressers, and beds.

  2. Furniture Repair: This includes fixing and restoring wooden furniture items, replacing parts, hardware, and refinishing.

  3. Door and Window Installation: Carpenters install wooden doors and windows, as well as adjust and repair them when needed.

  4. Wooden Flooring: This may involve the installation of wooden floors, including parquet and laminate, as well as maintenance and restoration.

  5. Staircase Construction: Carpenters construct various types of staircases, including spiral, straight, and curved ones, and also handle their installation and repair.

  6. Manufacturing Wooden Details and Decorative Elements: This encompasses crafting balusters, railings, beams, moldings, and other wooden interior and exterior elements.

  7. Restoration and Refinishing of Wooden Surfaces: It includes the restoration of antique furniture, repainting, and refinishing wooden doors, windows, and other wooden surfaces.

Carpentry services are provided to create and restore wooden elements in both interior and exterior spaces. Professional carpenters have the knowledge and experience in working with wood and can offer high-quality solutions for various wooden projects.

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