Overlock of carpet products

Overlock of carpet products is the process of finishing the edges of carpets and carpet products using an overlock sewing machine. It serves several important purposes and applications:

  1. Edge Finishing: Overlocking allows for the finishing of the edges of carpet products, preventing them from unraveling and wearing out. This is especially important for carpets that may be subjected to heavy use and wear.

  2. Aesthetic Appearance: Edge finishing with overlock gives carpets a neater and more polished appearance. Overlocking can be used to create decorative borders and edging on carpets.

  3. Protection Against Dirt: Properly finished edges help prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt, improving the hygiene and longevity of the carpet.

  4. Reinforcement: Overlocking the edges strengthens and reinforces the structure of the carpet product, making it more durable and long-lasting.

  5. Preventing Unraveling: The use of overlock prevents the twisting or fraying of carpet fibers, which can occur with improper edge treatment.

  6. Custom Work: Overlocking of carpet products can be done on a custom basis, allowing for individualized customer preferences, including thread color and finishing style.

This process is widely used in the textile industry and in the production and repair of carpets. Overlocking not only enhances the appearance and strengthens carpets but also makes them more durable and hygienic.

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