Manual on selection of categories of goods and services

Selection of Categories from the Existing Lists

1.1 Attention! In order for your company to be displayed correctly in search results, try to choose from the existing lists the categories that most accurately represent what you offer. Your company will only appear in search results for the categories you have selected. If your categories are not listed, proceed to section 2 of this instruction.

Do not select categories that you do not offer! In such cases, your company's rating will be reduced.

1.2 In the first dropdown menu, select "Goods & Products" or "Works & Services."

Products or services

1.3 After you have chosen the appropriate category, a second list with the main sections of products or services will appear. Select the relevant section.


1.4 After selecting the main section, another dropdown list with subcategories of the chosen category will appear. Choose the relevant subcategory from the list.

Select category3

1.5 Next, select the country of origin for your products. In this list, you can choose multiple countries at once. To select multiple countries, after choosing the first country, click on the list again and select additional countries. To make it easier to find the desired country, type the country's name in the upper field.

Select category4

1.6 In the list of brands, select the brand(s) you offer. In this list, you can choose multiple brands at once. If your brand is not listed, use the field "Or enter new brand here" and add your brand there. Attention! For convenience, we recommend first adding all the names of the brands you offer that are not in the list, and then proceed to selecting categories. When adding a new brand to the list, you will need to select all the previously chosen brands in the previous categories again.

Select category5

1.7 After selecting the brand, a field with a more detailed breakdown of product types related to the chosen category will appear. In this field, you can select multiple categories at once.

Select category6

1.8 After selecting the categories in the previous list, another list with a more detailed breakdown of products by types will open, if such a list exists. In the case where multiple categories are selected in the previous list, a list for all the selected categories will open, separated by headings. In this list, you will need to make a selection in each section. Tip! If you need to select a large number of items from this list, for convenience, choose one category at a time in the previous list, and add the others through the "+ Add more categories" section.

Select category7

1.9 After selecting all the categories to the end, if you want to add more categories, click on the section "+ Add more categories." After that, another row with lists for selecting categories will appear.

Select category8

1.2 Adding a New Category If Your Category is Not in the List

2.1 If the products or services you offer are not in the list of categories, go to the field "Or enter your category here if it is not in the list."

Select category9

2.2 If you want to add multiple categories, write them in this field separated by commas.

If you still have questions about registering categories, we will be happy to answer them. Contact us through the contact form or the contact phone numbers listed on the website, and we will do our best to assist you.

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