Furniture cleaning

"Furniture Cleaning" is a procedure carried out to clean and maintain various types of furniture, including upholstered furniture, wooden furniture, plastic furniture, metal furniture, and other interior furnishings. Furniture cleaning can encompass the following aspects:

  1. Dust and Dirt Removal: Over time, furniture can accumulate dust, dirt, and surface contaminants. Furniture cleaning involves the removal of this dust and dirt, contributing to the maintenance of cleanliness and freshness in the interior.

  2. Stain and Mark Removal: Stains from liquids, food, creams, or markers can develop on furniture due to everyday use. Professional cleaning includes specialized methods and products to remove stains and marks.

  3. Cleaning and Care for Upholstered Furniture: For upholstered furniture like sofas, armchairs, and chair upholstery, cleaning may include vacuuming, washing, and chemical cleaning of fabrics, as well as restoration of foam fillings.

  4. Cleaning and Polishing Wooden Furniture: For wooden furniture, cleaning may involve dust removal and polishing to restore shine and maintain the beauty of the wood.

  5. Cleaning Glass and Metal Furniture: For glass and metal furniture, cleaning typically includes cleaning glass surfaces to remove fingerprints and dust, as well as removing stains and corrosion from metal surfaces.

  6. Odor Removal: As needed, furniture cleaning can include the removal of unpleasant odors that may have been absorbed into the fabrics or materials.

  7. Protection and Material Renewal: Professional cleaning may involve the application of specialized products to protect and renew the materials of the furniture.

Furniture cleaning plays an important role in maintaining the cleanliness, condition, and longevity of furniture in an interior. Professional furniture cleaning services are available to ensure effective and safe care for various types of furniture, preserving their beauty and durability.

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